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Electrical Storms

26 October 2014

“Britain may have to use “last resort” measures to avoid winter blackouts... The government is paying businesses to shut down at peak times so that there is enough energy for households.”

What a Week and its only Wednesday

08 October 2014

Tuesday lunchtime and Marcus “Dual it Now” Fysh’s leaflet comes through the door, the third one I have received. Wednesday morning and the Somerset wildlife trust are on a day out. Wednesday evening and the TV tells us that Looe is flooded, it is Spring High Tide.

Dear Editor: One doesn’t like arguing endlessly with climate deniers but...

24 August 2014

One doesn’t like arguing endlessly with climate deniers but a couple of things have really caught my attention over the past few years, one is a video of methane bubbling up from the seabed in the warming northern regions and the other is the loss of Arctic sea ice in summer.

Strikes are back on the agenda

10 July 2014

Strikes are back on the agenda; in South Somerset, home to many retired people, some on small pensions, it might be difficult to appreciate why.

Green Politics - The New Zeitgeist?

23 June 2014

Former-Green Party Principal Speaker, David Taylor, believing the green movement has failed to change the direction the country is taking, looks at how the green movement can be more effective.


02 June 2014

An online petition has been started with the aim of forcing the BBC to give the Green Party adequate and fair coverage relative to their recent electoral success.

EU Election Results - Thanks!

30 May 2014

May I say thank you to all those who we met on the street when out canvassing, who took the time to stop and discuss issues with us and were prepared to listen to what we had to say.

Molly Scott Cato - SW's first Green MEP!

26 May 2014

After many years of campaigning, SW Greens pulled of their biggest ever victory today, Sunday 25 May, with the election of Molly Scott Cato as the region's first Green MEP.

Greens celebrate gains in Bristol and Stroud

23 May 2014

Greens are celebrating after making two gains in Bristol - in Bishopston and Redland – both from the Lib Dems.

Knowing your TTIPs and ISDSs

15 May 2014

I have not heard anyone mention what is by far the most important aspect of this EU election. A US/ EU partnership is being negotiated, it will create the biggest free trade area in the world, and for Global traders and investors that is probably good news.

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